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Press Release – Purpose In Paradise Retreat

Purpose in Paradise
Matt Mueller
Phone 646-577.6332

St Petersburg, Florida – Mindful Innovation Services, LLC and Quantum Heart Field, LLC will present Purpose in Paradise on February 16th 2024 in St Petersburg, Florida.

Corporate Leaders are Learning to Disrupt Their Industry with Unique Techniques in Flip Flops: Mindfulness, Clairvoyance, and Quantum Shifting

Led by two best-selling authors, Johanna Derbolowsky and Matt Mueller, who have in-depth experience in corporate innovation, clairvoyance, and quantum shifting.

On February 16, 2024, life will be changed forever for fifteen corporate executives. Addressing a burning need brought to our attention by Harvard Business Studies, reporting that 70% of leaders feel lonely at the top within their organizations, 86% feel overwhelmed, and 76% feel they lack clarity. There is no support group for them to discuss their deepest fears and challenges, nor anyone to bounce ideas off. Corporate leaders are afraid to voice these concerns or to show vulnerability because they know their closest peers are just one rung away from taking their position. 

Matt Mueller, keynote speaker and author of the best-selling book The Mindful Innovator, has decades of experience in corporate innovation and knows the troubles corporate leaders face. “Innovation moves at blazing speeds, and every time new technology is released, we panic as if it will disrupt our organization tomorrow. Then we start making poor decisions without truly considering our core purpose,” explains Matt Mueller. His nontraditional process to innovation is to slow down, so we can innovate faster with purposeful growth. He shares his 3 key variables with executives globally which was inspired by a serendipitous meeting with a Monk in Manhattan.

Johanna Derbolowsky, keynote speaker, clairvoyant instructor, and best-selling author of The Transformation Promise, helps audiences and clients overcome their own limiting patterns in business and life to move forward with confidence. Her 5-step program, to Healing and Success, has empowered her clients to see the bigger picture and make choices they are proud of. “Everything is personal. Whether it’s your business, your job or your life, if it’s yours it is personal. This fact alone puts you in the powerful position of being able to create change. Once aware of the challenges, you can turn your energy to solutions and Quantum Heart Field shifting to get you there.” Quantum shifting takes you out of the consciousness that created the problems and patterns you want to leave behind to allow molecules to rearrange in beneficial configurations. She also helps professionals worldwide to be more effective using their innate psychic abilities.

Bringing these two skill sets together is a game-changer for corporate leaders. Matt and Johanna will collaborate in Saint Petersburg, Florida, at the Tradewinds Resort, helping fifteen corporate leaders find their purpose in paradise with a 3-day retreat. The group is small because the team wants to make this an intimate setting where leaders feel comfortable and get the one-on-one attention they deserve. They will go on a journey where their frustrations and feelings of loneliness will set with the sun on a private sunset dinner cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. Day two, as the sun rises, they are guided through a meditation that explores their passions deeply to identify their life’s purpose. During the day, the team focuses their purpose, their fire and inspiration inside, with their business and leadership approach. The final day will wrap up by developing a plan for success and a quantum shift into the energy of the desired result already achieved. Everyone will walk away with tools that will keep them centered on their purpose, be intuitively aware of challenges as they arise in this fast-paced world, read team dynamics, and ready to disrupt the future.

The retreat includes a dinner sunset cruise, all meals during the 3-day event, a hotel stay at a beautiful beachfront resort, and much more. Limited seating is available and will fill up fast, especially with the early bird special offer of $7,500 per person. This offer will end on December 24, 2023, regular pricing at $10,000 will resume after 12/24. For more information, you can visit


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