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Quantum Strategy Coaching

Transforming leaders with mindfulness and quantum shifting

What is Quantum Strategy Coaching?

QSC combines two methodologies into one transformative process—business innovation and strategy with quantum shifting and intuitive insights.

Who Is Quantum Strategy Coaching for?

QSC helps company leaders who are burned out and feel stuck in a rut. This process unlocks new exploration pathways and integrates a strategic outline to pursue.

Why Quantum Strategy Coaching?

Leaders who combine intention and intuition with strategy and execution techniques will transform into great leaders who can achieve anything they set their minds to. 

Our Process

The transformative Quantum Strategy Coaching package includes a total of five sessions and is customized to your exact needs.

Discover Your True Passions

with self-flection and guided meditation you will be fully aligned with yourself

Tackle business challenges

with strategic innovation mapping used by Fortune 500 companies

Explore Intuitive Insights

by examining decisions from a powerful new angle

transform your life

with the 5-steps of active transformation and quantum shifting

Your Transformation Coaches

Two International Keynote Speakers and Best-Selling Authors 

Johanna Derbolowsky

Transformation Coach
Psychic Guide
Metaphysical Teacher

Matt Mueller

Global Innovation Strategist ​
Top Retail Expert​

Mindfulness Instructor ​​​

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